Now you can have all the advantages of a FFNB Shazam Visa branded Debit card plus the convenience of making purchases without cash and without writing a check. This readily accepted Card provides a convenient way to access your checking account. Use it to purchase goods and services anywhere Visa Debit/Check cards are accepted. Included with this service is the Shazam Bolt$ program that provides services like shutting down your card in the event you suspect fraud as well as setting alerts that can help you monitor your card use. Payments to other Shazam card holders is also included in the program. Find out more about this unique offering by accessing our links page.

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Reasons to use our Check Card

Save Time

The First Farmers National Bank Visa Check Card eliminates the need to fill out a check, present identification, and wait while a clerk copies the necessary information. Using the Visa Check Card helps move you through the checkout line quickly, and saves your valuable time.

No Checks or Cash

Whether you’re shopping, traveling or making everyday purchases, carrying large amounts of cash can be inconvenient and risky. The First Farmers National Bank Visa Check Card allows you to pay as you go. With the Check Card you eliminate the need to use the cash in your wallet or carry a cumbersome checkbook.

Easy Record Keeping

Simply present your First Farmers National Bank Visa Check Card to pay for your purchase and sign the sales draft just as you would with any Visa Card purchase. The amount is then deducted from your checking account. You keep a copy of the receipt, and the transaction is fully described on your regular checking account statement, just as if you gave a check. It’s cash, not credit, so you won’t recieve a monthly bill from Visa for these purchases.

Use at ATMs

The First Farmers National Bank Visa Check Card is also your ATM card. Use it 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make cash withdrawals at thousands of locations worldwide.