(Fees subject to change)
Type of FeeCharge
In House Checks@2.00/pad or $8.00 full order
Replacement Card or PIN $5.00
Foreign ATM use (non bank owned) $1.00
Dormant Account Fee# $15.00 per quarter
Money Orders $3.00
Cashiers Check$5.00
Overdrafts Paid (per item)$20.00
Overdrafts Returned (per item) $20.00
Daily Fee OD Commercial account $2.00
Record Searches $20.00 per hour and .25 per copy
Stop Payments for $100.00 or less $10.00
Stop Payments for over $100.00 $20.00
Wire Transfer Sending $20.00 minimum via preferred channel
Tax Levy and Garnishment $25.00
Fax Service$1.00
@ in house checks refer to our custom printed checks, a great value with fast service. Commercially printed checks are also available at cost plusĀ a minimum markup of 8% or higher depending on selection.

# Dormant fees are charged only in the event that you have not initiated a transaction for 24 months AND statements or other notices mailed to the address we have on record are returned as non-deliverable.

Free services include but are not limited to: Notary service, reproduced statements, ATM/Debit Cards, Wire Transfer Receiving, Internet Banking and Voice Banking.